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Looking to start your own practice?? We can help. A number of excellent office locations are available across Florida. Acting as your agent, I can approach the building owner to create a workable lease that would cover the “build out” to make his rental property into a modern Chiropractic office.  Just call 239-362-7302 or send an email to  All information kept in strict confidence.

Buying a practice? We offer a number of listed practices – shown on this web page. We also serve as a consultant to doctors evaluating a practice purchase (or sale). If the practice is NOT one I have listed I can act as your agent to approach the seller, arrange one or more practice visits and then if needed, help negotiate a price and terms to purchase. Each deal is unique with it’s own features. You benefit from our experience. Having been through the process a number of times I believe I can save you a fair amount of energy, time and money.

Small town or large city?? There are advantages to each.  In a small community it is easier to become known. The pace is generally slower; overhead is lower, there is less traffic. You can often walk downtown and to the Post Office or bank. In a larger city there are more people; everything is farther away. The pace tends to be faster, more traffic and clearly more expense. You need a car to get most anywhere. Rents are less in a small community. I practiced for 40 years in a village of 7,500 in upstate NY. Those doctors practicing on Long Island or in Manhattan NY were convinced that “downstate” was the only place to practice because there were more people. They paid much higher rents and higher real estate taxes. They endured huge delays with traffic. Over the years I noticed with interest how more than a few NY City doctors who moved upstate to practice in “farm country” absolutely loved – and thrived – in that environment.

But I need to be in  a certain city! You can go that route but it may be a rough road. When you look around you may discover that some superb practices – that make good money – are located in smaller communities. Again, you keep more of what you make there. There is far less hassle, less overhead. And, as they say “It’s easier to be a big fish in a small pond.” Clearly, you limit your possibilities by insisting on a certain city etc. It’s far better to look until you find the right PRACTICE. That’s almost always better than finding the right CITY.

What about the bottom line?? Some doctors reading our list of practices for sale tend to gravitate only to those practices with the largest gross income. That can be a mistake. A million dollar practice will cost more. For openers, can you afford the 20% down most banks require. Owner financing  may be available but it is usually for a short period – 2-5 years or so as the seller is usually older and looking to retire. At some point you will have to get a suitable mortgage. Prepare for that now. Some high grossing practices may sell for less if the seller is in a hurry to sell.  The deals one makes vary greatly.

*It’s hard to “Window Shop” for a practice, looking for the “right” practice by reviewing our descriptions alone. Our descriptions are designed to answer basic questions. The detailed understanding comes only from personal visits to the practice. Everyone looks for the “right” practice. Let’s talk about that for a minute. Truth is, there is no such thing as the “right” practice. There is only a practice with an office, equipment and patients. These are the basic elements of any practice. It is neither the “right” or the “wrong” practice. It is the doctor that “makes” a practice right!” It takes more than looking and thinking. It takes a real commitment of time, study and energy to get “into” any practice. One must spend time visiting a practice, talking to the owner, looking at records, observing the protocols and generally getting a feel for the office and how the practice flows. Next one needs to actually spend some time following the owner from patient to patient for a while. This is a vital part of the “due diligence” one must perform in truly evaluating a practice. It converts you from being a spectator to a serious buyer.

While our descriptions and pictures are a great help nothing beats a personal visit to the practice.  Of course, because the facts of a practice are quite personal we require that you to sign a “Non-Disclosure Agreement” before seeing the financial data.

*For students and new graduates: We offer a series of four articles entitled “Where to Practice.” This sets forth steps one can take while still in school to determine a good state/city location. It offers suggestions to prepare your way before graduation. No charge. Simply send an email requesting that item. No charge.  I will send it out to you pronto.