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Dr. Gantner has authored a number of texts for the practicing Chiropractor. He is a DABCO and has taught workers’ Copmpensation Procedures fto NY DC’s for some 14 years. He has developed a few texts that are applicable to Chiropractors in ANY state.  these are described below:

“Basic Chiropractic Examination, Reporting and Treatment procedures”

This text sets forth effective procedures in examining the Lumbar and  Cervical spine. Each exam takes less than 5 minutes and pulls out the objective information one needs to diagnose the condition and report it effectively so that it is not overturned by the IME’s that we get regularly. It arms you for the IME before the IME is hired!  173 pages with numerous photographs showing the exam procedures. $75 per copy.

This text comes with a terriffic one page, two color exam form for the cervical and lumbar spine. These forms are sold in pads of 50 for $25.

“Overcoming One Sided Consulting”

We all know that most Chirorpactic IME’s are one sided. If you are a newer practitioner it can be traumatic to read what some of our own people write about our cases and the crazy opinions they set forth. This is a text on how to beat the biased IME and help your opinions in the case to prevail. Over 150 pages complete with excerpts from actuial chirorpactic IME’s. It shows you how to examine these reports critically and and how to rebut them effectively. This sort of work pays off. It helps you get paid in spite of what the (biased) IME says. $75 per copy.

These texts help you to become a more effective examiner, reporter and treater. They enhance your skills.

*If you purchase both texts we wil send you a free pad of the one page exam forms for the Cervical and Lumbar spine (Cervical on one side – Lumbar on the other).

Send check to Dr. John Gantner 1220 SE 19th Lane, Cape Coral, FL 33990. Specify which texts you want.