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“Overcoming One Sided IME’s”

A 175 page text that shows you how to dissect an IME report and respond with powerful logic – both in narrative form and at court in Comp and PI cases. IME’s have been beating us up for decades. This text empowers your response. This is the only text around that shows – by using excerpts from actual IME’s- how weak most IME’s are and how to rebut them. It helps you see the clear weaknesses of the sprain/strain diagnosis and overcome it. This text shares practice tested procedures using the kind of hard data the literature supports


“Basic Chiropractic Examining, Diagnosis, Reporting and Treatment Procedures”

This text is a virtual “How To” manual for the Chiropractor. It sets forth a clear, logical (five minute) Chiropractic, orthopedic, neurologic (single page) examination protocol for the cervical and lumbar spine. It quickly pulls out the objective data that supports the need for treatment. It covers diagnosis of the cervical and lumbar spine, describing the 18 most common conditions the Chiropractor encounters in lumbar spine cases. It discusses the management and treatment suggestions for each of the lumbar and cervical cases described. It offers clear reporting procedures. A special section offers a discussion of the use of the Sed Rate and some other blood tests. Everything offered is practice tested. 175 pages.

These texts, written by a 40 year practitioner; provide workable procedures that will empower your work. You will find yourself coming back to these texts time and again for guidance.

These texts also offer a perfect instruction manual for associate doctors, powerful subject matter for staff meetings and rewarding casual reading for any DC.

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