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All practices are listed by their location(City).

 (Some practices may not have pictures yet). Pictures help but when you want to buy a practice you need to look at the actual practice. We can set up a traveling agenda for you to see one or more practices. Just give us a call: 239-362-7302. We have financial data on our practices as well. This is available to anyone willing to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement. We gather detailed data on our listings by using our proprietary “Practice Evaluation Form.” If a seller is unwilling to share the data we deem essential we refuse to list that practice.

So have a look at our Gallery of practices. If you see something you like I can help you understand it and offer suggestions and scenarios that can help you get you into it on the best terms. My goal is to have you making a profit from day one.(While this may sound simple, it is not). Every sale requires detailed study and a fair amount of commitment. I work on deals daily.

**One additional point: Some practices do not sell during the listing period – for any number of reasons. We take them off our “Active ” listings. But the seller often retains an interest to sell. The sellers allow me to share information to qualified prospects. I have several such practices located across the state. Give me a call 239-362-7302.